I started writing songs before I could even play guitar, and I'm passionate about the art of music making. After eleven albums, many hours spent in my studio, and more open mic nights than should be physically possible, I still write, sing and play live, hoping that one day the world will pick up on my sounds. So, here they are: the lyrics to a career of songs I have dreamed.


Myopia (2019) is available now on all good digital sevices and on limited edition CD.


2005 - 2019


Acoustic (I love it)


Big in Japan



Comparable Speaking

Cry (the morning you're born in)

Danish Desperado 

Day and Night Dream

Ferdinand of Abyssinia

Field of Crows

Fill Up Your Happy Heart

Flight of the Graylag



Freed My Heart and Steed


Gothic Patricide

Got My Love (On Winter Days)

Happy Hour

Here's an Idea (baby)

If I Only Had Just Played My Guitar

I Hold the Keys to My Life

In Loving Memory

In The Rain on Sundays

JHB Homesick Blues

Jubilee Concert Blues

July August or Yesterday

Like a Daydream

Lines in Sand

Longing Rendezvous

Maybe Someday

Music (I love it)

(must be) Melancholy



Nothing at the Bar

Oh Cherry Darling

Outside There's a Little Girl

Painted in June

Post Nine-Eleven Family Photo Album

Ramble Song

Rock Star for Tonight

Say No Words

She Swam She Swam and She Swam


She's In America Now

Sono Ragazzo

Springtime Is Coming

Super Pretty Girlfriend

Sweet Winter's Sun Morning

Table Mountain

Tent Song

The Cloven Viscount

The Free Birds and the Men

The History of Robert Smith

The Real World

The Scars of Passion

The Sinner of Pinner

Times Are Hard


Too Little Sorrow

Underpaintings III. One of These Days

Underpaintings IV. As Much As I Have Learnt

Underpaintings VII. If You Read These Lines

Underpaintings VIII. We Live in an Age of Confusion 

Wake Up in the Morning Light

Walking Song

Wasted Breath

Were I as Bright as This Star

We'll Rise We'll Fall

Wife of a Blues Singer

What She Wants

When I Was a Young Man

You Deserve It

Your Man (I'll Be)

Your Love the Water