Happy Christmas one and all! 🌲🌲🌲
Dan - this is for you! Thanks for all your Open Mics in 2018. We look forward to 2019!! 😀🙏💫😛🤗👑🎸 https://t.co/YNgSvYRTft

"Thank you so much for all your support and wonderful teaching!" (Trupti - following her daughter's successful grade 8 exam result)


"I've learnt some amazing things today!" (Peter - Beatles afficianado)


"I cannot thank you enough for introducing me to guitar and to music. Our lessons have been transformative in the way I view myself. The experience of learning with you has led me to reassess the way I live and I apportion my time." (Dimitris - classical guitarist)


"Have a very Happy Christmas and New Year Dan, thanks for being such a great guitar teacher, I love my lessons with you!"   (Ben - aged 9)


“I think it's really great you go the extra mile compared to a lot of teachers, guitar or otherwise.” (Blake - grade 6 distniction )


I really enjoyed the lesson today and can happily say you're exactly what I was like looking for as a guitar teacher. I'm looking forward to practicing those pieces and what new things I'll pick up at the next lesson."  (Ben - song writer)


“It's forty minutes that makes all the difference.” (Filip - beginner)


“You are a very good teacher, kind and very patient, and calm. Thank you for the help you have given us.” (Bharti, Bhawika and Khushie - family of guitar players)


“Julian has really enjoyed learning the guitar and will definitely continue with it.” (Deborah - mother of 6 year-old Julian)


“What impresses me most about Dan is that, at an age when it would be very easy for Betty to give up guitar, she is still as committed as ever. Dan has succeeded not only in progressing her playing (she is about to take her grade 6), but at the same time instilling in her a real love and interest in music.”  (Renee - mother of Betty, grade 5)  


"Thank you for an excellent lesson." (Jamie, grade 6 distinction)


"You've taught me how to listen and not just to play." (Carlos - musician)


"The lessons have been a great success. He's been practising for hours." (Lindsey - wife of Steve, grade 4)


"You are without a doubt the very best guitar teacher I've had and I certainly want to be taught by you again. My skill since our lessons began has increased immensely which is testament to your patience and wonderful guitar tuition." (Colin - grade 5 distinction)


"You've really inspired my boys, particularly Barty, and it's given Damon and I great pleasure to see him enjoying music like that." (Kate - mother of 9 year-old Luca and Barty aged 12)


"We too, have noticed Rowhan's growing commitment to his guitar and music in general. Sometimes in life good teachers come along and influence their pupils in the most positive, creative ways, and you have done that for Rowhan." (Nina - grade 8 distinction)


"Just to say thank you for all your hard work in preparing Jessica for her exam - and all your encouragement." (Caroline - mother of nine year-old Jessica)


"My boyfriend can play guitar now!" (Kate - girlfriend of Fenner)